veg4In 1998 I started having a lot of stomach problems. Although I thought I was eating a healthy diet of whole grains, skim milk, peanut butter, and lots of fruits and vegetables I didn’t feel well. I was always bloated and had joint pain. I went to doctors and specialists. They put me on Prilosec which I was on for three years. They also put me on pain medication which made me sick to my stomach.

A friend who was seeing Dr. Fenske recommended her because she had similar problems. After seeing Dr. Fenske and taking blood tests, I was found to have:

Imbalance in ecology of gastrointestinal tract
Food sensitivities (gluten, dairy, nuts, and many others)
Nutrient insufficiencies
Blood sugar disregulation
After following Dr. Fenske’s supplement and food plan I was able to get off Prilosec, cut in half my blood pressure meds, and no longer have to use Nasonex for my allergies. Also my blood sugar went from 104 to 82.

I also had struggled with my weight since my 30’s. I was a binge eater. I was on so many diets I lost count. The bonus of following Dr. Fenske’s supplement and food plan is that the weight melted off of me. I also get compliments on how healthy my skin and nails look.

I feel 100% better and have so much energy . I enjoy feeling good!

Mary Anne T.

Becoming a patient of Dr. Fenske’s has changed my life. While I took many steps to be a healthy person (ate well, exercised, maintained healthy weight, etc.) I suffered from nearly constant migraines, fatigue, body aches and other strange symptoms. After spending the better part of a decade seeing medical doctors who told me that “nothing was wrong” I made the decision to make an appointment with Dr. Fenske. I had reached a point in my life where I couldn’t see myself living to be an old person since I had felt so horrible at the age of only 27. I was willing to do anything to feel good so I could live the productive life I had envisioned for myself. At my first appointment with Dr. Fenske she suggested that I may have food sensitivities, a magnesium deficiency and digestive problems. After running some tests, it was determined that she was right on! I eliminated the foods from my diet that I was sensitive to and began taking a magnesium supplement (and a few others) and after only a few months, I felt like a completely different person! Today, I no longer have body aches, fatigue or migraines and I continue to be amazed at how great I feel. I wish I would have made my appointment with Dr. Fenske sooner. Interestingly, the problems that she suggested I address were quite simple: change your diet and take a few supplements. This was a relatively easy solution considering the last doctor I saw before coming to see Dr. Fenske suggested I had lupus or fibromyalgia. Going forward, Dr. Fenske will always be the first person I contact with health issues or to get advice on maintaining my health. I find it unfortunate that we have been trained to believe that we need a prescription to mask symptoms that we have and that most doctors fail to address basic wellness and nutrition with their patients. Hopefully one day functional medicine will be seen as the FIRST approach to not only getting well but also staying well.


I was diagnosed by my medical doctors with a thyroid condition that they said could only be treated with an irreversible radioactive treatment that would kill part of my thyroid. Based upon a recommendation, I decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Fenske. She was able to very quickly identify the real underlying cause and effectively treat my condition without undergoing any irreversible procedures. Needless to say, I am been extremely pleased with the results that Dr. Fenske has helped me achieve.

Christopher H.

Dr. Fenske is the first person I call to assist me with health issues related to nutrition and structural alignment. She is highly professional, supportive and knowledgeable in assisting me in my holistic healthcare.

Christine M.
Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Reiki Master, Teacher and Certified Social Worker

fruitI have struggled with acne since I was 11 years old. By age 27, I was still struggling and had tried every product and medication that Western medicine had to offer. My last resort seemed to be Acutane treatments, but I was very hesitant to go that route and decided instead that I would just live with my blemishes; no matter how self-conscious they made me feel. Then my younger sister asked me to stand up in her wedding and I found a renewed determination to have clear skin. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Fenske and I will forever be grateful. It’s been a gradual process to find the right diet and supplement balance; and there were definitely days when I wanted to completely give up – I’m glad I didn’t. Thanks to Dr. Fenske’s knowledge and support I can now feel good about my complexion. It meant so much to me to have clear skin for my sister’s wedding! THANK YOU!!!

Stacy B.

Dr. Fenske is truly invested in my wellness. She persisted with patience and respect and struck a perfect balance between educating, coaching and supporting. I can’t say enough about the benefits of working with FenskeHolisticHealthcareCenter.

A. G.

I recommend Dr. Fenske to all of my friends. She always listens and is willing to investigate all avenues of treatment. Within a few months of starting treatment with Dr. Fenske, my symptoms were greatly reduced. I finally know what it’s like to feel well again.

A. L.

My second daughter, Hadley, came into the world in a hurry . . . her labor and delivery was only 45 minutes. She was a beautiful, healthy baby with a smooth rosy complexion and bright blue eyes.

At around two years of age, Hadley pretty much stopped sleeping. Our nights were filled with her crying out in her sleep. Some nights it was every two hours while other nights it was every twenty minutes. Additionally, she suffered from EXTREME constipation and bloating. Her skin took on a pale, ghostly appearance. Her tummy was stretched so tight that we could actually see every vein.

During this time, I took Hadley to multiple pediatricians for help. They all felt the constipation was due to her diet (laxatives were prescribed), and her pale complexion was her natural skin tone. Additionally, they felt her sleep pattern was learned behavior. I did not agree with their diagnosis and management of my daughter, but complied because I really didn’t know what else to do.

After a year, her condition became worse and I became very, very worried. One day my mother called and convinced me to take her to see Dr. Fenske. Honestly, I didn’t want to go!! I had just gone to see a sleep specialist, and her suggestion was to continue giving Hadley melatonin at bedtime. The melatonin was only a fix and didn’t solve the underlying problem. I had conceded this was not only my life, but also my daughter’s life. Hadley had no energy, was extremely pale and her tummy was huge. I took Hadley to the appointment with Dr. Fenske with really no expectations. I felt she would tell me there was nothing I could do to help my daughter.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!! Dr. Fenske sat and listened to me as Hadley layed motionless in my arms for an entire hour. Dr. Fenske took a thorough history and listened very carefully to what I was saying. She agreed that Hadley looked quite miserable and felt there was truly something we could do to improve her condition. After some testing, Dr. Fenske diagnosed a dairy and gluten intolerance. She made the necessary dietary changes, and prescribed vitamins & minerals.

I went home that night feeling a bit over-whelmed, but very hopeful that this was the solution to Hadley’s health problems. I decided to start by eliminating her dairy first, and if this didn’t help then I’d then eliminate all gluten from her diet. I gave her the daily vitamins and minerals which Dr. Fenske recommended. After one week on the vitamin/mineral supplements and the reduced dairy in her diet, she was a different child!! She now sleeps through the night, her rosy complexion is back along with her energy, and the horrid constipation and bloating problems are gone. Now she is like any other mischievous three year old, full of fun and energy.

I cannot thank Dr. Fenske enough because she focused on what was CAUSING her health problems, and not fixing the symptoms. She forever changed my life and the life of my beautiful daughter, for which I will always be grateful.

R. W.

Well, it’s been about a month, perhaps more, since I first saw you. I wanted to take a moment and tell you what a difference seeing you has made in my life. As you know, and no one can really undersand this unless you lived with it, I have coughed for 25 years. Every year for 25 years I have had a deep bronchial cough that scared people…they either thought I had TB, whooping cough or something else taht was contagious.

Since seeing you and cutting out some food groups from my diet I have not coughed at all. Okay, maybe little normal coughs but nothing like before. It’s like being a new person. I haven’t been as true to your meal plan as I was the first couple of weeks but I generally don’t eat the things I’m not supposed to and I really don’t miss them. No more bread, or highly processed carbohydrates as I like to categorize them; no dairy, no sugar. I did start eating citrus because I missed oranges and I don’t seem worse for it.

I can eat a little bread every now and then e.g. I had a sandwich the other day and felt okay but I had a roll on a separate occasion and thought my head was going to pop off with the congestion. Dairy is evil – I hadn’t eaten any dairy until this week and was stuck at an off site meeting where all they had was cram of wild rice soup – it was very yummy but as soon as I finished the cup I doubled over with cramps (no one else did so it wasn’t food poisoning). I felt crummy all day and it faded away over time but it was a good wake up call.

Enough about me – I feel great. Do you have anything to make me taller I’ve wanted to be taller for 40 some years.

Thanks again. You made a difference.

Elise B.

Thanks for helping make our beautiful JD the best he can be with my supplements in pregnancy and while I’m nursing. Luke and I are so thankful to know all of you at the office. Without you all Luke would still have headaches, I’d have painful skin problems and our baby might have been less healthy. Thanks so much!
Meghan, Luke, & JD F.