Dr. Fenske provides holistic healthcare in the form of chiropractic care and functional medicine care.  We also may recommend lab work to enhance Dr. Fenske’s ability to uncover the underlying imbalances that can lead to disease.  When appropriate our Patient Educator offers sessions to support patients in the implementation of Dr. Fenske’s recommendations.

If you are ready to begin care with Dr. Fenske you can find her new patient intake forms on our website.  To better assist patients the intake forms are extensive.  Chiropractic patients may bring the completed forms to their first appointment, Functional Medicine patients will be asked to send their forms in advance of the initial appointment so Dr. Fenske has time to review them prior to the appointment.

NOTE: Dr Fenske is NOT currently accepting new CHIROPRACTIC patients.


The decision to see a new practitioner of any kind does not come easily. Sometimes if you can meet the chiropractor, dentist or other doctor first, it is easier to decide if it is the right office for you. You are welcome to schedule a brief visit at no charge to meet Dr. Fenske.  You will have an opportunity to outline your health concerns and see if Dr. Fenske fits your needs. Please call in advance (608) 836-8883 and ask for an appointment to meet the doctor.